About Us

ArmaKontrol has been operating as a manufacturing company in the field of security automation since 2006. Having gained a vast experience since then, we put our signature under successful projects in the Middle East and in Turkic Republics as well as in Balkan and Asian countries. The secret to our success is the importance we give to R&D, our customized products tailored to your specific needs, and our innovative products, all of which are offered to our customers by an experienced team of experts. With high-capacity production, ArmaKontrol’s products come with quality certificates that conform to world standards, and we count large national and international corporations among our clients. With our rich portfolio of products for high-security barrier systems and parking control systems, and with our dynamic structure, quality products and customer-oriented service concept, every year we aim to get better than the year before. As we grow, we contribute more and more to the environment and urban plans of future years, ensuring your security and endeavouring to make your life peaceful