M - 1500

Product Description

As Arma Kontrol ,we are presenting economical and  practical solutions in sliding door system productions.

Nowadays from the high-security military areas to the industrial industry facilities, from special sites to the architecture of your homes with garden, thanks to improved technology installation of sliding doors systems can be applied as desired on all kinds of area.

Our system allows you to save time by opening your sliding door easily with the help of remote control,at the same time it can work integrated with Automatıc Access System and License Plate Reading Systems.

 from minimum 300 kg to maximum 5000 kg, It offers a different speed options with its alternative engines .including all  kind of maintenance and  technical assistance,It is resolved with Arma Kontrol your problems in the sliding door system.


Weight Max. 1500 kg
Unit Operating Voltage 230 V (AC)
Speed 15 mt / Minute
Engine Power 400 Watt
Limit Switch Type Electromechanical
Operating Temperature -20 °C / +50 °C
Weight 19 kg